Welcome to 2023 5th International Conference on Virtual Reality and Image Processing (VRIP 2023)
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Registration & Fee | 注册信息

Registration Fee | 注册费

Conference Registration 
Early Registration 早鸟价
(By June 20th, 2023 )  
Regular Registration
(After June 20th, 2023 )  

Authors | (Students and TPC Member)
学生/委员会 作者  
400 USD / 2500 CNY 
450 USD / 2800 CNY 
Authors | (Regular)
470 USD / 3000 CNY
520 USD / 3300 CNY 

Presenter Only | (Abstract)
300 USD / 2000 CNY 
350 USD / 2200 CNY 
230 USD / 1500 CNY 
260 USD / 1700 CNY 

Additional Paper
350 USD / 2200 CNY 
350 USD / 2200 CNY 
Additional Page (Over 10 pages)
65 USD / 400 CNY 
65 USD / 400 CNY 

注册链接 Registration Link: http://confsys.iconf.org/register/vrip2023

** The conference registration fee is paid through the conference system, The conference committees & staff team will NOT ask for your credit card information for booking rooms or air tickets. Please take care to protect your financial and private information.



Guidelines to select the registration fee | 注册类别

  • - If you want to publish your full paper and make presentation during the conference, you should register as Authors (Full Paper).
  • - If you are Oral Presenter or as a Poster presenter only you should register as Presenter Only.
  • - If you are a listener you should register as listener.


Registration Policy | 注册事项

1. If the first author is not able to attend the conference, the second author or subsequent author has to pay the full registration fee.

2. In a paper with more than one author, all the authors attending the conference most complete their registration individually.

3. Student fee is ONLY applicable for student who is the FIRST author of the paper. If you register as a Student, you will be asked to email a copy of your student ID card.

4. One regular registration is within TEN Pages including all figures, tables, and references. Extra pages will be charged.

5. Once a successful registration transaction has been completed, confirmation of registration in soft-copy via email would be sent to the email address of the registrant. For some registration types it may be necessary to complete required information – such as attendee name – before the confirmation of registration and invitation letter can be issued. 

1. 一篇文章至少一个作者注册才能出版。一个注册包含一本论文集。一位作者注册多篇文章,该作者需同时为这几篇文章的第一作者。一个作者多篇文章注册只提供一本论文集,如需多本,需购买额外论文集。

2. 一篇文章注册只包含10页,如超过10页需缴纳相应的超页费。

3. 以学生价注册文章,该学生必须为该论文的第一作者。请注册时附上学生证等证明文件的扫描件。

4. 现场参会注册费包含:入场券,会议当天的午餐,晚餐,及会议资料。住宿费不包含需自理。 


Refund/Cancellation Policy | 退款/取消政策

Registrations cancelled more than 90 days before the event will be refunded 70% of the registration fees.

Registrations cancelled less than 90 but more than 60 days before the event will be refunded 50% of the registration fees.

Registrations cancelled less than 60 but more than 30 days before the event will be refunded 30% of the registration fees.

Registrations cancelled less than 30 days before the event will not be eligible for a refund.